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August 2, 2014 at 3:14am
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My last company

Adi was the last person I was expecting a text from.
“How are you doing? What are you up to on your last night?”
I replied that I was up to nothing and stuck watching boring programmes on TV. Even if I had plans, the hope of seeing her would make me reconsider.
“We should do something! What would you like to do on your last day”.
My face lit with joy. My hopes rose. I replied that she should come up with something. Anything by her is fine by me.
I waited patiently for her reply, wondering if telling her to come up with an idea was a bad decision. It came just few minutes later.
“I have an idea for a park. We should get ice cream too”.
She went on to ask where I was and that she’d come pick me in about 30 minutes.
I jumped off the bed happily. I looked round the room. My cloths were everywhere; my guitar flung across one of the chairs. A travel bag was there beside me on the bed - opened, empty. The other duffel bag was on the table. The whole room was a mess. I should start from there.
I tidied up hurriedly. Time went slowly - really slow. I paced up and down the room. Then took a shower. I silently hoped she shows up. She stood me up the last two times. She shouldn’t this time. It was a real battle to not text and ask if she was already on her way.
Finally her text came. 45 minutes later.
“I am here”
I rushed downstairs to meet her.
She stepped out of the car as she spotted me. Her smile was radiant as ever. The sunset reflected on her black short hair. She threw her arms round me and gave me a tight hug. There is something about the way she hugs. It’s so childish; so hearty; so sincere.
“Good to see you again. Want to come up”
“No…let’s just go. Time, remember?”
“Ok. Let me grab my jacket. Give me one minute”.


She smiled at me as she drove. I couldn’t get my eyes off her. Two weeks have never been that long.
“So what have you been up to?”, she asked me.
“Hmmm…a couple of things actually”, wondering where to start. In truth, there wasn’t really anything pretty interesting in the last few days. I ended up giving her bits of everything, trying to keep a good conversation as she drove.
I didn’t know where we were going. I didn’t ask. It would only ruin the fun. The last time she surprised me, she took me to Bliss Dance, Treasure Island. It was an amazing night. The different lighting of the 40 foot tall sculpture in the dark night against the cold and distant city lights was just perfect.


"We are here", she announced as she parked the car.
It was quiet and diserted. The only other parked car looked parked for days.
She threw one arm round my waste and rested on my shoulders as we walked down. I still didn’t ask. I followed her steps. The sand, the sound and the cold told me we were at a beach or something similar.
Then I saw the water; soft waves riding to and fro. We walked close and sat on a log just few meters from the water. She cuddled my arm.
“Where is this place called?”, I finally asked.
“Albany waterfront”
“You come here often?”
“Not that much of late. But once in while to have alone time or meditate”
“Hmmm”, I nodded gently.
She pulled off her white converse shoes and socks and buried both legs inside the sand.
“You should try that”, she told me.
I did. It felt warm and moisturizing. We laughed. We felt like lost kids.
I just wanted to be lost at that time, at that place, with her just there beside me. The water waves rode carefree. It was the only sound you could hear. The wind was cold. That cold was soothing. Everything was just beautiful.
I finally broke the silence even though I wanted us to remain like that for as long as possible.
“Your turn; how have you been? How was your birthday?”
She told me about how she had been since we last saw; her birthday; how her feet got infected at dance class and her new data entry job for a research organization.
“The new data I’m entry is scary. The samples are married women between 26-35 with kids. Over 70% of them have sex just once or less per week.”
“Yeah. Really. I mean, it’s scary”
I laughed.
“So how many times do you think you’ll be having sex when married?”
She looked at me and laughed. “Like 5 times at least”.
I laughed hysterically.
“No. I am serious. To start with, I have a large sexual appetite so ofcourse, once is a no no”.
“Well, those women in your analysis probably said the same thing before they were married”, I replied and laughed again.
“How many times will you want to have sex weekly when married”, she asked back.
I smiled.
“Well, I am a guy. Generally, the thing, as believed, is guys don’t say no. I mean I can pride myself to say I can go as much as my wife wants. I will want to think it will definitely be a different result if your data was from men”
“That said, I honestly don’t know what marriage is like. I haven’t been married. But maybe the passion just goes down when the kids starts coming. Then life happens, you have to work more to take care of the family and you barely have the time and stress sets in and all that”
She nodded, “Yeah maybe”.
“Do you believe in monogamy?” She went on to ask.
“Well, there are many ways to look at it”, I started, trying to get the right angle to the question.
“I mean, that I am married to someone shouldn’t mean I can’t possibly have the urge to have sex with someone else for the rest of my life don’t you think?”
“I mean we can have an arrangement that for two weeks in a year or so we can go on separate vacations and do what we want - have sex with anyone else”, she continued
I laughed.
“That can work actually. It’s just to find a consenting partner”. Then I went on to tell her about T-pain and his wife.
We talked about love, sex and marriage for a while. Then we switched to talk about the water front, the sand and nature as we made to leave.


It was just around 11pm when she pulled in at the inn. Every moment of the night had been interesting. From the water front, we had gone to grab ice cream and then talk about Isreal crisis then religion.
She got down and gave me that warm hug again.
“I will miss you. Have a good night”
I held her hands and didn’t let go.
“Just that?”
She smiled. “What?”
“You don’t want to come upstairs?”
She smiled again. “You know it’s past my bed time and I have an early one tomorrow”
“Yeah, I know. 30 minutes?”
“You know I can’t. I’m sorry.”
I smiled.
“At this point, even 10 minutes more with you is ok by me”.
She laughed. My eyes were probably pleading please don’t leave me yet.
“Ok. 10 minutes and not a minute more”.
“Yah!”. I smiled happily.
I threw my arms round her and led the way.

July 24, 2014 at 11:25pm
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Good bye SF. Hope to see u again soon.

July 22, 2014 at 3:52pm
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The guy on the train

This black guy approached me in the train and asked for a dollar for him and his daughter to get “off the train”. (I don’t even understand what getting off the train means).

He wasn’t with a daughter. And he wasn’t dressed as someone who was genuinely stranded. He had this junkie look and dressed haggardly. I didn’t even make these conclusions before I shook my head and ignored him.

Then he moved to the next passenger.

I, we, see them everyday. People begging for this and that; some direct about it, some with interesting lies.

As he made to the next person to ask, it occurred to me I didn’t even feel any empathy for him. I didn’t even consider him. I literally said a big no before he was done asking. And that moment I felt bad about who I was becoming - a man molded by the generalization and assumption that it is all deceit and thus not worth my dime.

Deceit? Most probably. But who am I to judge? Some people will always be poor. Some will beg. Life is not fair after all. The best I can do is show empathy and give when possible.

July 10, 2014 at 7:44pm
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Life, sickness and being human

Co was sick for some days and it was crazy to see how worn he became. It started with a cold attack, then headache and fever. Then he started complaining about his right tonsils.

He couldn’t speak and was in bed all day. He couldn’t eat. he had difficulty in swallowing. I literally forced him to every time. And when he does, it is very little.

I got him some pain reducer/fever suppressant drugs to start with. But when it wasn’t getting better, we had to start looking at seeing a doctor. Tosin was really helpful. I got to speak with her mum, a nurse, on the phone. I learnt health care without insurance in the States is fucking expensive. Tosin mentioned emergency can cost around $2k. What?!

(By the way, Tosin is my new Nigerian friend in the area, introduced to me by my homeboy Ben back in Nigeria. She stays close and in few days we have been like great friends. The other day, she drove me to the African market and I finally got some Nigerian foodstuff - egusi, beans, rice, garri, palm oil and yam to be precise. And she came over and made jollof rice the next day).

Her mum was to help us find out the easiest/cheapest possible option/prescription from her medical director once she gets to work the next day. But the situation got crazy in the morning and we had to act fast. I helped co ask on his Facebook wall and someone recommended a clinic in SF.

Julia, our very interesting [new] host, drove us there. We saw the doc, he did the usual things docs do and gave him some meds. We spent just around $200 in all. And by the end of the day, co was better.

It is funny how life humbles you irrespective of who you are. It is amazing to see how someone so full of life and so hearty can within few hours become helpless and worn out. I think sickness is just one of life’s way of reminding us we are humans after all.

June 30, 2014 at 9:50pm
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All I can think of now is the $70 black leather all-star I saw at the Converse store yesterday.

Fuck it. I am going to buy that shoe.

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I was to go to Golden Gate Park today. I have been indoors for a week now and up to seeing some outside. So I dressed up and hopped on the bus to the train station. And that was where I started sensing something was off. Everyone was dressed in funny costumes - pony ears, tails, bras only, bikinis, bum shorts, body paints, and a lot of skin showing.

Then when the train arrived, it was full to the door. Even getting standing space was difficult. It didn’t strike me till I got to San Francisco and saw the massive crowd. For some minutes I paused to consider what was happening. Cops were everywhere, the streets were closed down and people were dressed in different interesting costumes in small groups. I was supposed to pick another bus but decided against it. Instead I window-shopped at Oakley and Converse for a while.

Then it hit me. It is pride weekend! By the time I walked deeper into the street, it became clear. People, lots of, costumes, cops, blocked streets, girls making out, guys smooching one another, cross dressing, noise, party, loud music, boobs, dicks, pussies….damn, the number of boobs I saw today…*sign of the cross*

It was fun though. Might have been more fun if I had gone with someone - unarguably a pretty chic to string me along. (Damn I should put more time into this Tinder thing). But I enjoyed every minute of the experience. It’s interesting seeing how different yet so the same we all are. In the end, everyone just wants to be happy. The other things are just the means to that end.

June 29, 2014 at 9:03pm
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From Las Vegas with love

I was in Vegas for 3 days with my co. We went for an interview - a business trip of some sort. Damn it, we had to leave on a Friday. Who goes to Las Vegas and return on a Friday?

Las Vegas is more than the hype - crazy, beautiful insane city. You are welcomed with slot machines right from the airport. I won’t be surprised if there are slot machines in churches too.

The Vegas experience is amazingly cheap. 24 hours ride ticket through the city is just $8. An hour limo rise goes for $40. Our beautiful 2-bed room at Stratosphere costs just around $30/night. That’s far less than what I pay for a 2 star hotel in Lagos.

I took a little walk round town when I was free. The Venetian hotel is another awesome hotel I checked. Fucking beautiful place. A very big casino ground floor, art galleries, designer shops, a “grand shopes” with artificial sky/clouds, in house waterfall, canal and boat ride, and a lot more.

It’s really hard to put into words the beauty of the city. Vegas is just the perfect getaway. I just have to go and plan a good comeback. And I am skydiving when back. Amazingly, it isn’t as expensive as I thought. Just around $200 - 300.

Really, I must be back.